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Nonichai is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality natural herbal products. Our goal is to provide top quality , health enhancing products at reasonable prices. Nonichai Products are carefully designed herbal formulas that focus on quality, consistency and effectiveness for specific conditions.
Much of our work is based on the philosophy of the Rambam (Maimonides, the great philosopher and physician).
The Rambam, Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, lived about a thousand years ago. Besides being one of the great codifiers of Jewish law, he was also a renowned physician. His reputation was so great that he became the official physician to the sultan of Egypt. His views on health are recorded in his great book, the Mishnah Torah, in the section De'ot. It should be realized that although the life style a thousand years ago is different from ours, still there is much that we can learn from his advice. He was an expert in treating illnesses with diet as well as herbal remedies. He knew the secrets of herbs and was an expert at prescribing herbs for various conditions and problems.
He wrote: If it is impossible to control an illness without herbal medicines, the first choice should be herbs that are nourishing ?When using herbs, one should begin with mild ones if these are sufficient and good. Only if they are insufficient should one use stronger medicines."
Unfortunately most of his knowledge on healing has been lost over the generations.
The Rambam utilized herbs extensively. In those days there were no chemical drugs as we have today. And even with herbs he advocated gentle mild herbal formulas whenever possible.
Nonichai also utilizes herbs in combinations to treat many conditions but all herbal formulas are mild and gentle with no negative side effects.
Nonichai Health has been striving for over a decade to utilize the Noni fruit and its health properties, in combination with many other herbs, to develop the best formulas and reveal natural health benefits that never have been revealed before. Our expert herbalist has been combining herbs for the past 45 years and together we are now pursuing the best combination of worldwide herbs with Noni.
Nonichai Health is a premiere provider of natural health products, founded in 1995 by Dr. M. Shalom. Dr. M. Shalom started his health career working with noni and other herbs to treat local native Indians throughout South America. A long time participant in the health food industry, his experience dates back from 1965. It is that experience that lead him to see the industry?s need for a proven natural herbal health remedy company. From the very beginning Nonichai Health has never lost touch with the end-consumer, the stores that serve those customers and the importance of creating products that speak for themselves.
The name Nonichai comes from the words Noni and the Hebrew word Chai which means life, which symbolizes a rejuvenation of the body and mind, a changing of lifestyles from old harmful habits, to healthy new beginnings. The company's mission is to produce the highest quality products possible.
We?ve always known how to cater to customer?s needs and we recognize the importance of providing a superior environment in which consumers can be informed about and able to purchase natural health products.

Quality / Integrity - Testing and standards

We take pride in blending the wisdom of age old remedies from the biblical books such as Maimonides and other sources with the added energy of modern day science. We pride ourselves on a no-nonsense, straightforward approach. There is nothing mysterious about Nonichai Herbal's success. The driving force behind the company is a requirement to put out the best products possible. We take the time to source quality materials in order to produce quality products. We do not use any products that have been genetically modified. We also verify all our products through third party testing, to ensure their integrity. We invest our money in our products, and we try to communicate information on our products through various media.
Our products are manufactured in a strict, clean pharmaceutical environment, GMP (Good manufacturing practices) approved, to ensure that they are high grade, pure and consistent. We treat our products carefully and delicately. Our policy is to go the extra mile in order to guarantee our product?s quality and integrity.
At Nonichai we use third party laboratories to ensure the consistency of our products. At every step of the manufacturing process checks and balances help ensure that the final product is of the utmost consistency, matching up to our rigid specifications for quality.

Now and Beyond

Nonichai Health has become known not only in the US and Canada, but in China, South America, Israel and starting slowly in Europe through Holland, where our products have been tested and recognized for their effectiveness and quality. It is our reputation that keeps us successful at Nonichai Health, a reputation that has been built on reliability, trust, and quality. Now and in the future, it is that reputation that we endeavor to maintain so that your only concern when reaching for a Nonichai product is not running out of it.