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Noni is a very special fruit which grows on a few south pacific islands and has been used by the native islanders for generations for various health conditions. Noni cannot grow in many countries: it only flourishes in specific climates, under very specific conditions. This miracle fruit, a gift from Heaven, is very rare and very precious.

Researchers at the University of Hawaii School of Medicine wanted to know why Noni is so beneficial for so many health conditions. What they found is that there is a polysaccharide compound (6-D-glucopyranose pentacetate) in the Noni, and this Noni polysaccharide works by increasing the overall defense power of the white blood cells, thus allowing the body to more effectively defend itself against germs, bacteria, viruses and other invaders. This allows Noni to stimulate the body's immune system to function more efficiently.
Noni has been found to have a beneficial affect on the following:

  • The Immune System: Noni supports the immune system's ability to combat infection and disease.
  • Mental Clarity: Noni can increase mental clarity and one's ability to concentrate.
  • Digestion: Noni supports the natural digestion process and helps the absorption of nutrients.
  • As An Antioxidant: Noni is an excellent antioxidant that helps free the body of harmful free radicals and defend itself against the harmful affects of pollution and other environmental assaults.
  • Nutritional Booster: Noni is a complete source of protein. It is rich in beneficial phytonutrients , bioflavinoids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and has over 20 amino acids, including the 9 essential amino acids necessary to form a complete protein.

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